Blow the top off your career with a change in mindset.

You can’t be half-as*ed when you’re looking to make a dramatic breakthrough in your career.

Talented individuals we work with in the food, beverage, ingredient and flavor space are decisive and intentional when crafting their next carer move. Those that waffle over their decisions get passed over, just like in life and athletic performance.   

As we talked about in THE 4 STAGES OF CREATING A BREAKTHROUGH IN YOUR CAREER, individuals that don’t commit to their future AND cut ties to their past and present never get to taste the results(motivation, confidence, clarity, additional insight, resources) that follow - these results come AFTER one commits to not turning back.

What’s the next step? 

Paradoxically, the means by which you attain that career breakthrough is a shift in mindset towards a focus on others - it requires you to view yourself as a conduit for other people to satisfy THEIR goals.  It’s not about you.

Confused? Don’t be.

To truly have a career breakthrough, your thoughts, words and actions have to align with making those around you(your current employer, future employer, the customer, your co-workers, etc.) successful.  It’s about creating success for them - seek out how to be valuable to them.

When you do that, you receive the reward - confidence, validation, accomplishment, a “track record” - it becomes a cycle of success - you create enormous value in your work for others, you receive the reward, you move to next opportunity to create value….for others, you receive a bigger reward...and on and on.

Each cycle builds on another.

When you look at your current status, ask yourself these questions, then take action, whether at your current company or in the market with a recruiter who’s entrenched in the space in which you want to work.

Where am I at in the value-creation cycle at my company?

What was my most recent value-creation in my role?

What’s my next opportunity to create even bigger value in my current company?

What opportunities are there outside my company that intrigue me where I can create massive value?

Once you’ve answered these questions, do the following.

COMMIT - realize there is no turning back.

DO whatever is necessary to determine the next way you’ll create massive value.

VIEW your pursuit through the lens of taking your skills and talents and making others better.  Focus on the audience(your current boss, a potential employer) and cultivate your pitch around their needs, not yours.  If there isn’t alignment in your talent and their needs, find another prospect.

Once you integrate this mindset into your career development, everything changes - you are now a “value-creator”.

Be Iconic®

Bob Pudlock is an executive recruiter and President of Gulf Stream Search, an executive search firm that specializes in the placement of top talent in the food, beverage, ingredient and flavor industries in the US.