PXT Select™

What is PXT Select™?

PXT Select™ is a more robust, more extensive assessment tool than the DiSC tools you might be familiar with.

PXT Select™ goes beyond assessing a potential new hire’s behavior and provides an even deeper insight into their cognitive skills and interests.

These results can then be compared against performance profiles that have been specifically customized for your organization as well as for the broader food and beverage industry.

Once an individual has completed the initial assessment, those results can then be incorporated into an on-boarding and ongoing career development tool.  The PXT Select™ assessment “lives with” the employee as they move through the organization.  It’s much more than just a pre-hire assessment tool.

When food, beverage, ingredient and flavor companies partner with Gulf Stream Search, you gain a partner that can help you capture top talent for your team through traditional executive search and staffing services.

With the combined resources of Gulf Stream Search and PXT Select™ at your fingertips, it’s an even more powerful recipe – you have a talent acquisition partner who delivers you the best, most compatible talent with the highest potential along with a roadmap and a set of tools that will ensure their continued success in your company.

Here are ways Gulf Stream Search and PXT Select™ solve your every day business challenges.

  • How do I get my R&D team to communicate better with their cross-functional teammates on their launch team?
  • How do I keep my Food Safety team engaged and supported when other departments are not fully on board with our policies yet?
  • How do I become a better leader?
  • How does this candidate stack up against our internal staff working in the same role?
  • This person is a great fit for our company, but what role will draw out their best attributes?
  • This candidate’s resume looks great, but will that translate to on the job success?
  • Who is the ideal candidate for this role on my team?
  • How will this person fit in with the rest of the team members?
  • How can I as a leader get more out of my staff?  How must I communicate with each team member to maximize their impact on the team?
  • I’m not getting through to a staff member of mine – help!!
  • My performance reviews are getting stale and not impactful for me or my staff members – help!

Is PXT Select™ right for you?
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