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Great food and beverage companies have a defined, disciplined approach to product development

Great food and beverage companies have a defined, disciplined approach to product development.

One of the key “stages” in that process is when rough ideas and concepts are sketched out, sometimes prototyped and tested in a manufacturing or lab setting to determine feasibility.  This is called Feasibility Testing.

Feasibility Testing and who/when/how it’s conducted is a highly strategic and impactful stage.  Here are some examples of how Feasibility Testing(or a lack of) can impact a product development launch:

If Marketing is the lead on product development and introduces Engineering into the process late, the company runs the risk of wasting money on products that can’t be manufactured to scale.

If R&D drives Innovation, but isn’t aligned with Marketing and Packaging early in the process, money, time and resources can be expended on products that ultimately are dismissed by consumers.

Gulf Stream Search’s Talent Acquisition Methodology™ employs Feasibility Testing on each search we conduct with our clients – it’s embedded and executed early in the process so limited client resources(time, money, energy) are spent chasing a candidate profile that doesn’t exist or isn’t “land-able”.

At the earliest stage possible, Gulf Stream Search orchestrates getting all interested partner(Talent Acquisition, Department Lead, etc.) and all ideas and expectations are thrown on the table – the “wish list”, “highly desired” and “nice to haves” are all thrown into the pot, creating an Ideal Candidate Profile.

At the Feasibility Testing Stage, we immediately test the size and availability of the Ideal Candidate Profile that’s been requested.  Our intimate knowledge of talent networks in the food & beverage ecosystem allows us to test and report back to our client the size, the quality and the “land-ability” of the target candidate pool.  With our client’s input, we calibrate from here and move into the execution phase of our Talent Acquisition Methodology™.

When we embed Feasibility Testing into the early stage of our Talent Acquisition Methodology™, our clients shave thousands of dollars each day off the losses they incur as a result of a strategic hire not being in place.

When Feasibility Testing is implemented in the search process, the right hire is in place sooner, which ultimately impacts when products are launched, hits store shelves and when revenues hit the top line for our clients.

The Feasibility Testing stage of Gulf Stream Search’s Talent Acquisition Methodology drastically cut a food and beverage company’s time-to-hire for critical, strategic hires.  Those strategic hires get to work faster on their most important mandate – getting great, innovative products on shelves and into the hands of consumers.

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