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Food Safety Leaders have to be masterful communicators, especially when a company’s Food Safety programs are delivering on its objectives.

Today’s Food Safety Insights focuses on the unfair, albeit reality that Food Safety leaders face.

If a VP of Sales has 3 consecutive quarters of increased sales and crushes their goals, the executive team is understandably excited and thirsting for more.

It’s inevitable.  Human nature.

“If we had this much success with x investment, what if we increase the investment to y?”

“What do you need from us?”

“Do you need more sales people?”

“What else can we give you($) to keep the revenue flowing in?”

What marketing resources do you need?

If a company’s Head of Food Safety has 3 consecutive quarters of hitting its benchmarks, whether it be no recalls, acceptable test findings or no unscheduled shutdowns, the executive team looks at this as par for the course.

“Why do you need more people?  We’re doing great!”

“We’re not having issues – can’t we leave well enough alone?”

“We’re compliant with FSMA – what more do we have to do?”

A Food Safety leader’s best month is meh….nothing to to be ashamed of, but certainly not celebrated by most companies to the degree that busting through its sales forecast is viewed.

That is a Food Safety leader’s reality.

You have to constantly tweak and poke and prod your executive team and Board and continually remind them of the danger of complacency.

You always have an uphill battle, to constantly reinforce with your stakeholders the curse of being satisfied with keeping the wolves at bay(or the “bugs” in this case).

Your ability to keep your company emotionally and financially invested in constantly upgrading your Food Safety programs is a direct reflection of your:

Ability to convey “NON-COMPLIANCE” to your executive team and front line employees.

Your ability to communicate the threat of catastrophic loss without being accused of being the “boy who cried wolf”.

Your ability to command respect and influence with those that approve your budget.

Never let up and as always, Be Iconic.

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