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Looking for a career coach to help you navigate the food and beverage CPG industry? Gulf Stream Search’s Be Iconic™ program is for you!

One of my aspirations with Gulf Stream Search has always been to have ongoing and unforgettable impact on those people and companies we work with.

Traditional recruiters, much like real estate agents, have historically been very focused on “the transaction” – getting someone a job, finding someone a home.

Once we find someone a job, it’s likely they’ll be set in their role for years. 

If a real estate agent finds someone a home, they’ll be set too for years as well.

I’ve always sought for a more impactful and beneficial relationship with those we come in contact with and so here we are today.

Our Be Iconic™ program serves just that purpose – it’s designed for talented professionals in the Food & Beverage industry who are looking for richer, more beneficial relationship with an “insider” and “career coach” who can help them gain higher levels of career satisfaction.

Here’s more about the Be Iconic™ program.

  • Give career-oriented professionals in the food & beverage industry the opportunity to use psychometric tools to develop their own self-awareness and solidify their understanding of where they fit within the broader employment market in the food & beverage industry.
  • Give a higher level of access to an executive recruiter that’s embedded within the industry than one would typically receive.
  • Develop this individual’s “self-sufficiency” and confidence to “own” their own career trajectory – the purpose would not be to eliminate the need for a recruiter but to bolster the participant’s confidence and aptitude related to their career development.

What you receive.

  • A 60 minute career exploration call – The call would also explore the participant’s aspirations and potential limiters/guardrails associated with their future career path.
  • PXT Select™ Comprehensive Coaching Report – includes coaching tips, results and detailed analysis of participant’s results compared against a specific Performance Profile – for example, Sr. Food Scientist assessment results are over-laid against a Sr. Food Scientist Performance Profile, a Principal Food Scientist or an R&D Manager profile, depending on what the participant’s aspiration for their next role.
  • PXT Select™ 60 minute Coaching Report Analysis that includes a walk-through of the Coaching Report with Bob Pudlock.
  • Follow up recommendations, both short-term and long-term, for the participant to apply towards their career development both with their current employer as well as in the broader employment market.
  • The participant receives, via the report, an additional deliverable to go along with their resume – a valuable part of their portfolio that differentiates them from other candidates for future positions.

Interested in learning more?  Contact us confidentially below.

Bob Pudlock

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